Mary Kay Green, JD, is an attorney who — from her senior year in law school — has handled civil rights cases. She has been licensed to practice law in Nebraska since September 13, 1977, and for most of her years, practiced family law and personal injury law as well. Ms. Green was the principal attorney in Crystal Chambers v. Omaha Girls Club et al. featured in this book. She served on the Omaha City Council from June 1977 through May 1981.

In addition to this book, Ms. Green has written a screenplay, They Let Mothers in Law School?, about her three years in law school, and is currently working on a book entitled Sundance and Cherokee Moon: A Book about Robert Redford, Movies, Miracles, and Mania. And she is writing a screenplay Crystal Chambers a New Rosa Parks.

Ms. Green is the never-married mother of twin daughters Mary Kay and Elizabeth; and she is grandmother of Michael, and Ms. Phelan. She graduated from Creighton University with a BA and from Creighton University Law School. She now resides in Kansas City, Missouri, to be near her children and grandchildren.

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